History of Tosoh SMD, Inc.

Today Tosoh SMD services its customers around the world through its global sales network. Its close proximity and relationship with the global customer base is part of what makes Tosoh SMD The Global Leader in Target Technology™.

  • Specialty Metals & Alloys, Inc. was incorporated in January, 1975. The founders originated from Batelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio where they used their materials expertise to handle increasing requests for evaporation metals and physical vapor deposition materials. The Company was located in a small building in Grove City, Ohio and employed two part-time employees.
  • The Company expanded and moved to a larger location in Grove City in 1977 and was acquired by Varian Associates, Palo Alto, California, in March 1978. The name was changed to Varian/Specialty Metals Division.
  • In July 1988, Tosoh Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, purchased Specialty Metals Division from Varian as a strategic addition in the growing electronics materials field. At this time, the name was changed to Tosoh SMD, Inc.
  • In 1993, Tosoh SMD, Inc. moved to their current facility at 3600 Gantz Road in Grove City. The focused factory was designed using cellular manufacturing concepts to make PVD materials only. The building was expanded in 1996. 
  • Tosoh SMD Korea, Ltd. a manufacturing and sales facility in Pyungtaek, Korea opened in 1995 to support Asian customers.
  • In 1997, Tosoh SMD Taiwan, Ltd. opened as a sales facility.
  • Tosoh SMD started sales operations in Singapore in 1996 and in China in 2005.
  • With the expansion of the China market Tosoh SMD (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., the third manufacturing facility, was established in 2011 in Shanghai, China.
  • By 2015 a major expansion of the Grove City manufacturing facility was completed to  prepare for 450mm manufacturing and position the Company for the next generation of products and technologies. The project included novel equipment and tools as well as a sputter deposition tool for research, development and evaluation purposes.