Product Overview

Tosoh SMD manufacturers and provides thin film materials for the Semiconductor, Large Area Coatings, and Specialty markets. 

The history of Tosoh SMD ("TSMD") encompasses the history of today’s Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology. TSMD has led the industry in technological developments that offered continued improvement in PVD Cost of Consumables for customers around the world. 

TSMD contributed much of the worlds fundamental understanding related to the effects of target metallurgy on PVD thin film processes and performance. By thoroughly characterizing the effects of grain size, crystal structure, impurities, alloy distribution, and other variables of target metallurgy, TSMD delivers PVD materials that are optimized for an OEM’s sputter tool, and a customer’s processes. TSMD is recognized as a world leader in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) methodologies that ensure customers that the materials and assemblies they receive are capable of delivering the highest performance to their process.

TSMD has also led the industry in understanding the role of assembly technology to impact both costs and performance of PVD target materials. TSMD has led the world in developing innovative assemblies that deliver benefits of lighter weight, lower particle generation, improved electromagnet performance, longer life, higher power operation, and at lower cost. 

In order to facilitate these developments, TSMD performs extensive research using fundamental materials development and characterization as well as advanced computer aided simulation of metals processing and sputtering conditions. Of course, our direct exchange of PVD roadmaps with our customers ensures that TSMD provides a continual improvement in Cost of Consumables. .

In addition to PVD materials, TSMD North America and Europe, and our subsidiaries of TSMD Taiwan and TSMD Korea, act as sales channels for chemical Precursor and OLED materials developed by Tosoh Corporation for advanced semiconductor and display applications. In July 2011, Tosoh SMD Shanghai Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China as a fully owned subsidiary of Tosoh SMD for the production and distribution of sputtering targets and high purity thin film deposition materials.

TSMD maintains a global sales and service network to provide ongoing technical and commercial support to our world wide customer base. Contact TSMD today and discover why we are the Global Leader in Thin Film Technology.