Organic Light Emitting Diode

In North America and Europe, and in regions served by our subsidiaries of TSMD Taiwan and TSMD Korea, Tosoh SMD is the sales representative for OLED materials developed and manufactured by the Organic Chemicals Division of Tosoh Corporation.

Tosoh utilized its successful history in the field of fine chemicals to develop electron transport materials for all OLED applications such as small portable devices (cell phones and cameras), large screen televisions, and lighting. Tosoh supports the customer OLED development and commercialization process in 3 important ways including strong research and synthesis capabilities at our Nanyo and Sagami Research Centers; advanced evaluation techniques at our Tokyo Research Center and; high volume production at our Tosoh Finechem and Tosoh Organic facilities. 

Through these efforts, Tosoh offers its TTP-series: ETM (Electron Transport Material) and its TH –series: HTM (Hole Transport Material) products.

The Tosoh OLED materials have the features of high depositon rate and excellent electron mobility. As a result, Tosoh OLED materials provide cost effective films with low driving voltage requirements and long product life especially when compared to standard materials such as Alminium Tri- Quinorinate.

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