Aluminum Target Materials

Tosoh SMD determines the specific optimum aluminum grain size, crystal structure and chemical homogeneity necessary to achieve the best uniformity and film properties for a specific OEM system. Our optimized metallurgy provides customers with a target that delivers consistent properties across the target diameter and through target thickness, target-to-target and lot-to-lot.



Today’s PVD processes demand not only the use of our industry-leading Aluminum material but also a robust and reliable target assembly. Depending on the customer’s cost of ownership requirements, Tosoh SMD’s Aluminum material can be manufactured in our SOLO™ monolithic design, in a solder bonded assembly, in our reliable ALTO™ design, or our latest Aluminum assembly innovation: FORTE™, Tosoh SMD’s FORTE™ bonding process results in a reliable, permanent bond utilizing a patented, room temperature joining technique for use with low melting point materials.

Tosoh offers high yield strength backing plates which reduce the target deflection, provide excellent particle performance, higher die yield and lower the overall cost of ownership. Our high yield aluminum backing plate has proven to be the best alternative to a CuCr backing plate and is lighter weight for ease of handling and reduced shipping costs.

Tosoh SMD is the leader in defining the important relationships between target metallurgy and performance. As customers move to finer geometries and line widths, reducing target-induced killer defects (splats) become increasing important. For these leading edge applications, Tosoh developed and patented nondestructive target inspection techniques designed specifically for testing aluminum sputtering targets. Tosoh SMD is the only supplier that can provide material that is free from splats due to internal defects in the Aluminum target. As a result, Tosoh’s Aluminum target delivers higher yields and improved cost of ownership while reducing the customer’s overall risk.

For customers seeking to lower their cost of ownership even further, Tosoh SMD offers our XTREME™ extended life Aluminum sputtering target. By working with leading OEM’s and customers, Tosoh SMD designed this target to provide maximum system uptime through an extended target life with predictable and consistent performance. The patented SOLO XTREME™ provides customers with an enhanced profile aluminum target for lowest Cost of Ownership. The XTREME™ technology provides this longer life application without sacrificing target performance. For advanced Semiconductor customers, Tosoh can include end-of-life notification in the construction of the target. Consistent target to wafer spacing and stable uniformity performance provides customers with an easy integration process into their individual applications.