Flat Panel Display and Solar Panel Targets

Tosoh SMD supplies the Large Area Coating market with metals, alloys, and transparent conductive oxide targets. Tosoh’s products are utilized in the manufacturing processes for flat panel displays and architectural Glass, and for the emerging photovoltaic market. Target materials are available in various form factors be it large or small, from planar to rotary, and for broad applications. Tosoh SMD is able to provide target materials of aluminum, chromium, and other commonly used non-refractory and refractory metals. Additionally Tosoh SMD North America and Europe, and our subsidiaries of TSMD Taiwan and TSMD Korea, act as sales representatives for transparent conductive oxide targets of indium-tin oxide (ITO), and zinc-aluminum oxide (AZO), developed and manufactured by Tosoh Corporation. Tosoh SMD works closely with each customer to optimize the target to their process. Contact Tosoh SMD today with your specific requirement.