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Tosoh SMD supplies the semiconductor industry with aluminum, copper, tantalum, and titanium targets, as well as custom alloys as requested by customers.

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Tosoh SMD supplies the flat panel display (FPD) and photovoltaics markets with metals, alloys, and other target materials.


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Tosoh SMD's semiconductor target materials include titanium targets. Titanium is used for a variety of thin film applications including as a diffusion barrier material in logic and memory devices, abrasion and wear resistant coatings, and optical coatings.

Tosoh SMD's copper targets take advantage of copper's unique strengths as a conductor material.

Tosoh SMD sells chemical precursors and OLED materials for use in advanced semiconductor and display applications for advantages in process, film, and cost-of-ownership.

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Tosoh SMD provides splat free Aluminum target material through a combination of our advanced metallurgy, assembly technology, high yield backing plates and nondestructive testing methods.